Tutoring And Consultations 


Help Us Keep Awesome 


Being a small non-profit we rely heavily on our grant funds and community generosity to ensure that we can continue to serve our community. Most of the learners that we serve are in low income or other dire situations. We strive to keep our fees low and to offer waived fees to those who need it. Still, we struggle to maintain our ship here with rising operating costs. 


We have compiled a list of things that we need or would like, to help us serve our community better. Thank you to those who have already contributed. 


  • Monetary donations

    • To be used to subsidize learners, provide more class and instructional time, acquire more and updated resources, upgrade our technology, offset operational costs, or a number of other valuable uses.

  • Basic Bathroom and Kitchen Items

    • Such as tea, coffee, paper towel, kleenex, TP, creamers, sugar, honey, snacks.

  • Volunteer Rewards

    • Useful items or gift cards to say "thank you" to our greatest assets.

  • Office Items

    • Good Pens, printer and lined paper, envelopes, stamps, paperclips, staples, etcetera 

  • A Large Area Rug

  • Lamps

  • A Toy Box or Basket (we have toys, they just need a nice play to stay.)

  • A Love Seat or Couch

  • Newer Bookshelves (ours are ancient) 

  • A Good Corner Desk


We will keep this list ongoing and updated. Thanks for checking in.