Our Programs

Knowledge Can Be Your Greatest Super Power


Horizon Learning Centre is proud to offer a variety of essential programs to our community here in the Peace Region.  Our facilitators and instructors are highly trained and dedicated to helping you work towards a successful future in whatever you put your mind to. 


Our English Language Learning Programs are designed with an awareness of balance, structure, and flexibility for our newcomers and others who may need help achieving their goals in mastering English. We also strive to offer Citizenship Preparation workshops and courses to help you to be successful in officially joining our Canadain Community.   


Our Foundational Skills Programs include Reading and Writing, Numeracy, Basic Computers, and so much more. We are dedicated to boosting your success and helping you to become a continue to be another amazing contributor to our blossoming community. 


Our Community Learning Programs are partnerships with other organizations to give you more learning opportunities here in our community. Stay tuned here and on our facebook page for First-Aid, Food Safe, PAL, and other learning opportunities.