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Happy Fall from Horizon Learning Centre

Dear Friend’s and Neighbours,

Happy Fall from Horizon Learning Centre. We wanted to send a quick note out to tell you about a few things that are going on with us as we dive into a new learning year.

Our brand-spanking-new website has launched. We have all of our programs on there along with handy information on things like volunteering and ways to donate. We’d like to remind the community that there are many small to large items that we are looking for donations of. We will keep an ongoing list on our new website. Perhaps there is something lying around, collecting dust that we could use here?

We will also be periodically posting on our blog section of our new website with newsletters, helpful learning tips, teaching tips or, anything else fun and relevant that we want to share. Check it out and let us know what you think or if there is anything you would like more information on.

We are implementing more small-group focused learning this year with our Reading and Writing group, Computer Basics class and, a Math Mayhem (numeracy basics) group. We will, of course, still offer our individualized learning plans and some one-to-one tutor style learning. English Language Learning is returning with, Beginner, Intermediate and, Advanced-Intermediate. All of these and more are posted, with more details, on our website and our facebook page.

Our community partnerships also are rolling out nicely. We will be doing some partner work with our big-sister, Northern Lakes, again this year. Previously we have done Class 7 learners license training and computer-related training as partnerships with other organizations. We are always open to more of the same or new ways to reach the community to learn and teach. If you have an idea for Horizon and your organization to work together, give us a shout and perhaps we can work something out.

We look forward to another great learning year in the Peace Region,

Your Horizon Learning Centre Team

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