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We do what we love - we do learning.

Learning for adults in small groups or one-to-one tutoring in Reading, Writing, Numeracy, English Language Learning, Basic Computers, Foundational Learning Skills and select Safety and Conversational Language

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Your learning plan is built to fit you and to set you up to thrive and succeed in whatever you put your mind to next. 

We offer a safe learning environment for adults from all backgrounds and experiences. We strive to continue to offer our service to the community, and those who need us most, at affordable rates. 


We offer small learning groups and one-to-one tutoring to ensure a comfortable learner-focused approach. 

We tailor the learning to the learner with a true learner-centered approach to teaching.

Learn what you need to learn, how you need to learn it with the many resources we have

available to help you succeed and excel to your next level and beyond.



Student Writing

The Written Word Can Build Endless Possibility

One in Four Albertan's have difficulty with reading and/or writing. That is over a quarter of our province! This may be shocking to some but the even more shocking fact is that most people don't look for help to overcome their literacy challenges. 


Horizon Learning Centre has trained and dedicated tutors to help you to open your possibilities with the written word. You can work on your own or with a small group of peers. Group learning provides an element of learning that can only be achieved while learning alongside others. 


Contact us to find out more or check out our facebook page here or check out the links below for course information. 




1, 2, 3 Come Learn With Me

Numbers can confuse the best of us. Yet, come so easy to some. So, why not the rest of us? Well, Math is like a muscle - use it or lose it. And, if you weren't lucky enough to fit into the learning patterns that were taught in your school system then that muscle might need some extra work. 


Luckily, teaching has caught up to us learners and learning math isn't nearly as painful as it once was for many of us. Whether you need to start from square-one or if you just need a quick brush-up, we can help you get on track with numbers. We offer one-to-one tutoring and group learning opportunities. Group learning offers an edge that only learning with your peers can.


Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboard
Working Coffee

Smart Phones, Tablets, Email, Clouds...

Technology is constantly shifting and evolving and it can be darn hard to keep up with. Not to worry, Horizon Learning Centre is here to help.


Whether you need help with your new phone, creating and understanding your email, navigating on the web, learning the basics, or just figuring out how to turn the darn thing on, we can help.


We also have laptops and wifi available for learners to use during regular business hours. **Some conditions apply


Expert Service

Learning a new language is always a lot of hard work and takes a great amount of focus and dedication. It can be even more challenging while settling into a new place with new people and new customs. 


Luckily for you, we have one of the most dedicated English Language Instructors in the province here at Horizon Learning Centre to help you learn and thrive with English and in our community. 


We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced-intermediate level English lessons throughout the year. 


Smiling Student in Lecture

Prepare for The Canadian Citizenship Test

We know how daunting the process of applying for citizenship can be. Let us help you get ready and be ready to write the Canadian Citizenship test before you take the time and money to go to Edmonton. 


We have an extremely dedicated instructor who will be able to help you to gain the knowledge needed to be successful in writing your citizenship exam. 


Contact us today to book a consultation.


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Your success is our success!
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