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Setting the Course


Vision Learning Centre's mission is to foster adult and family learning opportunities through access to programs, courses, and individualized support. We envision a dynamic learning community that empowers individuals to enrich their lives. 


Our primary funding is through the Ministry of Education as part of the Community Adult Learning Program (CALP). As VLC is part of the Peace Association for Lifelong learning we do explore other streams of funding in order to offer programming and services outside of the CALP mandate.

VLC is governed by a not-for-profit board of two directors and four executive roles; a chair, vice-chair, treasurer, and secretary. The term for a board member is 3 years. The Board is committed to continually adding qualified members to reflect the diversity and make-up of our region.

Our Volunteer Board

Chairperson - Ann Fritz

Vice-Chairperson - Jacques Lombard

Treasurer - Amanda Webb

Secretary -  Josh de Vries

Director -  Michelle Oh

Director -  Arzouma Kalsongui

Board Roles Description


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